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Irregular Ingredient Substitutions Cheat Sheet

Whether you're out of a certain ingredient, allergic, or just can't find it at local grocery stores, I have compiled a list of unusual ingredients I use frequently in my recipes, and healthy substitutes for each of them. Most of these ingredients can be subbed 1-for-1 but the end products might be slightly affected due to the in-balance of dry to wet ingredients. It also can depend on what you're making, so just keep that in mind when in the kitchen!

Happy baking!

- My Healthy Sweet Tooth

Vegan butter

- apple sauce

- yogurt

- coconut oil

- coconut butter

- olive oil

- avocado oil

- nut butter

- mashed banana

- mashed avocado

Almond flour

- whole wheat flour

- oat flour

- gluten free flour

- coconut flour

- tapioca flour

Organic cane sugar

- stevia

- coconut sugar

- maple sugar

Almond milk

- hemp milk

- oat milk

- coconut milk

- lactose free milk

- soy milk

Cacao nibs

- dark chocolate chips

Vegan cream cheese

- low fat cream cheese

- or just normal cream cheese

Maple syrup

- honey

- date paste

- agave nectar

Almond butter

- sunflower seed butter

- peanut butter

- cashew butter

- tahini

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